Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Images for sofa set designs

Living Room Sofa Furniture

Black Huge Long Sofa Sets

Colorful Sofa Set Designs

Sofa sets is fairly difficult to assess without context. Sure, things look good in display sets at the store but will they work with your
interior design strategy at home? With this in mind, Roche Bobois has created a variety of creative layouts to showcase their sofa sets collections. In some of their example settings the sofa sets is largely designed to blend with existing design elements and color schemes. In other cases the new sofa sets is intended to stand out brightly from the current design scheme and make a bold set of statements. In still others the sofa set almost fades into the background with colorful accents standing out from the uniform (in these cases white) color scheme around them. Whether or not you are actually looking for new living room furniture, these designers are adept at showing the variety of possible strategies one can employ in redocarating an interior living space.

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